• Inclusive Social Awareness through Academic Endeavours

  • Goal

    • To sensitize students about socially relevant issues through academic programs like seminars and workshops.
    • To expose them to opinions of intellectuals on the subject.
    • To engage students in conducting academic activities for the support staff of the College.


    Students need to be made aware of social issues plaguing the society. The aim was to sensitize students about gender issues and concerns of marginalized communities. In consonance with this, seminars, lectures, workshops and plays were organized by the institution. For instance, through International Seminar on Socio Cultural Study of Agriculture the plight of the farmer was depicted and the seminar was driven to make urban residents aware of the rural crisis and challenges. Similarly, a Literacy Workshop conducted for support staff was an academic endeavour aimed at creating a more inclusive environment in the College.


    • Gender Sensitization : Play Halala on Triple Talaq
    • International lecture on Position of Women in Sikh Religion
    • National Workshop on Sensitizing Disability
    • National Seminar on Literature and Discourse which addressed the discourses of marginalized communities such as women and Dalits
    • International Seminar on Socio Cultural Study of Agriculture
    • Literacy Workshop for Support Staff

    Evidence of success

    • These endeavours saw large scale participation of faculty and students.


    • Organizing these activities on a large scale proved to be a challenge.
  • Innovation in Teaching Learning: Interdisciplinary lectures organized by the Academic Committee of the College

  • Context

    The aim was to encourage innovative practices in teaching learning. The overall objective was to promote critical thinking and creativity amongst students and help them build general awareness beyond their own fixed syllabi.


    During the odd semester (July- November 2018) interdisciplinary lectures were organized for final year students of B.A. (Honours) course. This was followed by a class test. Special care was taken to see that this program percolated down to every student in the class.

    Evidence of success

    The feedback received from students was generally positive as many of them were of the view that this endeavour deepened their learning experience and allowed them to make connections between ideas and concepts across different disciplinary boundaries


    Initially, it was difficult to convince the students that this practice would be beneficial as they were hesitant to participate in an exercise that necessitated listening to lectures that were outside the boundary of the fixed syllabi.