• Integrating ICT into teaching learning and academic enrichment during the lockdown situation.

  • Goal

    • To incorporate ICT into teaching learning during the lockdown period so as to complete the syllabus on time.
    • To ensure constant interaction with students through online platforms as well as blend learning for the advanced and slow learners, thereby making it more inclusive.
    • To use ICT platforms to organize webinars not only for the academic enrichment of teachers but also of students.


    ICT plays a catalytic role in enhancing and enriching the teaching learning process. Incorporating ICT in the teaching learning process adds a lot of value to key learning areas. When the pandemic broke out and universities and colleges were shut due to lockdown, the institution took to ICT in teaching learning in order to ensure curriculum delivery and completion and also to stay connected with students. The institution also organized webinars on National and International level for academic enrichment.


    • Choosing from the vast repertoire of technology, teachers took to online platforms like Zoom, Google Meet, Hangout and Google Classroom and other E mediums to take classes virtually. The institution organized a total of 24 webinars during the lockdown.
    • Audio content was also posted.
    • Assignments were submitted via Goggle Classroom.
    • E material for all subjects and disciplines was uploaded on the college website on a daily basis for easy accessibility of students.
    • A National Webinar series was organized on the theme COVID 19:Lockdown and Post Lockdown Concerns and International Webinars were organized by the Department of Music, NCC and the Internal Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC) of the college.
    • To train teachers on using Learning Management Systems, the IQAC organized a webinar cum hands on training session on Enhancing Teaching Learning Using GSuite Tools Google Classroom and Google Meet.
    • Webinars were organized by individual departments as well.

    Evidence of success

    • The online teaching platform became extremely popular with the students, some of whom were of the view that they even preferred it to the traditional face to face interaction and the chalk and talk method. They were of the opinion that the audio content especially could be heard repeatedly for greater clarity. The online platform proved to be beneficial not only for the advanced learners but also for slow learners thereby making teaching learning more inclusive.


    • At times technology failed and it was difficult to connect with the students.
    • Digital divide was also an issue as some students in far off areas were unable to access the internet

    Creating an Environment of Research through Academic Programmes

    The webinars organized by the institution saw large scale participation from students, research scholars and faculty members from all over the country. Eminent speakers from various disciplines were invited to share their views with the participants.

    Goal : To create a climate of research in the institution through organization of academic enrichment programmes.


    Research is extremely important in developing critical reasoning skills among students, taking them beyond the confines of the classroom. For faculty, research is an important tool for building knowledge and efficient learning. The aim was to promote an environment of research in the institution by giving the faculty and students exposure to the best minds in the world of academia through FDPs, Seminars and Workshops. The issues debated upon were diverse as well; from academia industry collaboration and the role of research during such an interface to intersectionalities of seemingly diverse academic fields of knowledge as well as varied research methods and techniques. Creative and pedagogical aspects of research were also explored.


    To this end, the institution organized the following academic enrichment programmes:

    • Interdisciplinary Faculty Development Programme on Emerging Trends in Research Methodology in collaboration with Mahatma Hansraj Faculty Development Centre. 75 teachers from all over the country participated in the programme.
    • International Seminar cum Workshop: The Department of Elementary Education organised a three day International Seminar cum Workshop in collaboration with Haute Ecole Pédagogique (HEP), Lausanne, Vaud, Switzerland on Practices and Pedagogies for Sustainability.
    • International Conference on Recent Advances and Challenges in Finance and Marketing for New India @2022 organized by Department of Commerce.
    • International Lecture Series: Talk on Developmental Issues: India and Brazil organized jointly by Department of Economics and B.A. (Pogramme) Society.
    • Interdisciplinary Faculty Development Programme on Emerging Trends in Research Methodology in collaboration with Mahatma Hansraj Faculty Development Centre. 75 teachers from all over the country participated in the programme• The Department of Philosophy organized an ICPR Sponsored National Conference on Professional Ethics: Theory and Practice.
    • Workshop on Scope of Lyric Writing in Contemporary Cinema organized by the B.A. (Progamme) Society.
    • In addition, all the departments organized various talks and workshops for academic enrichment of students.

    Evidence of success

    The academic enrichment programmes saw large scale participation of students and faculty members.


    Organizing these activities on a large scale proved to be challenging at times.