Rules and Regulations of the College

General Rules

  1. Timings: Classes begin at 9.00 a.m. The College observes a six day week from Monday to Saturday.
  2. Administrative Office of the college functions from Monday to Friday.
  3. Attendance: Attendance in lectures for B.A (Hons.), B.Sc Maths (Hons.), B.Com (Hons.) B.Com (Prog.), B.A (progamme) and in tutorials/preceptorials for B.A (Hons.)/ B.Sc (Hons.)/ B.A (programme) is compulsory. Those students who fail to attend a minimum of 66% lectures/tutorials/preceptiorials/ practical classes will be detained and not permitted to appear in the University Examination.
  4. The University Ordinance VII, Clause 2-A, Part (ii) states that the College shall have power to strike off the name of any student who is irregular or when the absence of the student is for such a long period that she cannot provide the requisite percentage of attendance. These rules are strictly followed. Parents/Guardians are advised to periodically meet teachers of their wards to know the progress of their ward in studies and punctuality in attending classes
  5. Notice Board: It is the duty of every student to check the Notice Board everyday. No excuse for non-compliance with any order, based on the plea that the Notice was not read, would be accepted. This also applies to notification issued by the University from time to time. All formalities and forms regarding Examination, Results, Enrolment, Scholarships, Stipend etc should be submitted as per the scheduled date announced by the college office.
  6. Cleanliness: The College premises must be kept free of waste papers etc. The students should use the litterbins provided for the purpose. Flowers must not be plucked. Any violation of these rules would invite a fine of Rs.100/- for each infringement.
  7. Order and Silence : Students should not loiter around in the corridors or speak loudly in front of classrooms, library and office. Student should come for their classes only five minutes before their class commences.
  8. Residential Address: In case of change of address, the same must be intimated in writing with the signature of parents/guardians to the college office.
  9. All – Round Best Student Award : To be eligible for this honour a student must fulfill the following conditions:
    1. Pass the General Knowledge Test.
    2. Secure at least 66% attendance in all lectures in all the three years.
    3. Should have no academic arrears.
    4. Secure atleast 55% marks upto IInd year.
    5. Should be proficient in extra-curricular activities/sports.
  10. Disfiguring the college building by writing or pasting of handbills is strictly prohibited. Any violation of this rule would be punished with a fine of Rs. 100.
  11. Gurudwara is a place of worship. Students should not make noise and use it as a common room.
  12. Action may be taken against the students for breach of discipline such as damaging College property, spoiling lawns or flower beds, shouting in corridors or near the office, strewing rubbish in or around the College premises. Any type of misbehavior (in or outside the college) which may be detrimental to the reputation of the College is liable for punishment.
  13. Free periods should be utilized by using the Library.
  14. Students are not permitted to use Cellular Phones/ Pagers in the College Libarary/ Corridors and Classrooms. These should be switched off within these premises. Failure to comply can lead to confiscation of the instruments and fine of Rs.100/- at each violation.
  15. Students will not receive VISITORS in college. In case of emergency, parents / guardians may approach the Principal directly.
  16. Office telephone is not meant to be used by students. However, PCO facility is available for them.
  17. Students are required to bring their Identity Cards daily. A fine of Rs. 10/- will be charged if a student is found without an Identity Card. Only students with Identity Cards will be allowed to enter the College premises.
  18. Any student who loses her identity card will be issued a duplicate card on the personal request of the parents and on payment of a fine of Rs 50/-.
  19. Students should not receive their personal mail at the College address.
  20. Students must attend all the College functions, including Gurupurabs.
  21. Students must not enter the office. For information, they should see the Notice Board or approach the concerned clerk at the window.
  22. Students must be careful about their own personal belongings. The College takes no responsibility for any loss.
  23. Rail / Air concessions are available to the students proceeding to join their parents at home town from college or vice-versa during vacation. For this purpose, permanent home address declared on admission form is final. Any change of address must be notified directly by the parents as soon as such change takes place and not at the time when a concession is desired.
  24. Students should not ordinarily leave the college premises during the college hours.
  25. All students coming from distant areas such as Faridabad / Ghaziabad etc. must reach college in time. Commuting time will be not be accepted as an excuse for coming late.
  26. Any students whose conduct and character is found unsatisfactory or who does not show satisfactory progress in studies, may be required to leave the College.
  27. The principal has the right to strike off the name of a student who is either grossly irregular in attendance or unfit for the course of study or not amenable to the college discipline.
  28. No change in course will be allowed for subjects for which concession/relaxation is given at the time of admission.