Mata Sundri College for Women, named after Mata Sundri Ji, the consort of the Tenth Guru, GURU GOBIND SINGH JI, was established to propagate the cherished ideals of service, leadership, social responsibility and academic pursuits among young women with the motto, “Truth is the highest of all virtues but true living is higher still”. The college cherishes the aesthetics of the learning spaces by respecting values of respect, co-operation and empathy. The college promotes intellectual sensitivities and respects diverse viewpoints. The students are oriented to the issues of national and global relevance and they are empowered to be perceptive of the world around them and be informative about issues pertaining to life on personal as well as professional fronts. Beside academic excellence they are also encouraged to strive for an appreciation of arts and aesthetics, intellectual excellence and creativity.


Mata Sundri College is providing higher education in the realm of Humanities, Commerce and Science with an emphasis on imparting holistic learning. The mission of the college is to develop human potential to its fullest extent so that our students attain success in all walks of life. Blending modern education with traditional values and blending technology and teaching is our objective for creating a vibrant intellectual environment. The college strives to not only make a mark in the academic field but is also known for developing students to be good citizens with high social and ethical values.