Department of Commerce

(November, 2020-May, 2021)

The Peer Mentoring Program of the Department of Commerce started from November, 2020 under the able guidance of Ms. Jaspal Kaur as teacher-in-charge, Dr. Tanu Dhingra as Convenor of the program and Ms. Naina Kaur and Ms. Ishleen Kaur Rekhi as Co-convenors.
This program has been designed with two-fold objectives. One, to enhance the knowledge and develop the overall personality of the mentors (second & final year students). Two, to provide a chance to mentees to develop camaraderie with their seniors and get their subjects related and other miscellaneous queries solved.

The following is the detailed structure of the program:

  • The department has started Peer Mentoring Program wherein our final year students are mentoring second year as well as first year students and second year students are mentoring first year students.
  • One student is mentoring 3-5 students to ensure personal attention of the mentors towards their mentees.
  • Mentors have the flexibility of timing to schedule their classes.
  • The number of classes conducted per week are two.
  • Mentoring is being done in two areas: Academic Mentoring and Non-Academic Mentoring.
  • Academic Mentoring pertains to queries of the juniors regarding the subjects studied by them at the degree level like mentors explaining in detail particular topics or handling queries/doubts pertaining to certain topics of any subject.
  • Non-Academic Mentoring covers wide range of topics and queries. Some of these discussed are as follows:
    1. which subjects to select in next semester;
    2. how to fill examination forms;
    3. Open Book Examination;
    4. importance of joining different societies in the college and doing short term courses and internships for improving one’s CV;
    5. mentors sharing their own personal experiences and guiding their juniors not to repeat the mistakes they committed;
    6. Discussing various future career options and topics like how to overcome stage fear, tips to improve communication skills, how to deal with examination pressure, tips to make CV etc.
    7. Vocational courses provided by the college;
    8. any other problem faced by the student
  • The mentors regularly email the recording of the session along with a brief description of the topics covered in the session to their respective host teacher as well as to the convenor of the program.
  • The Google meet is being used by the mentors through college email ID to conduct their sessions, and they share the Google meet link with their mentees and the teachers concerned.
  • Students are given exposure by conducting webinars, orientations etc. and giving them a chance to speak and address their fellow beings.

List of Mentors

  • Gursimran Kaur
  • Kanika Malhotra
  • Kanika Garg
  • Neha Singh
  • Sehajpreet Kaur
  • Srishti Madhuri
  • Tuba Begum
  • Harshita Jain
  • Sirjan Kaur
  • Avneet Kaur
  • Anamika Jain
  • Ishika Pundir
  • Vinisha Chawla
  • Nisha Sharma
  • Priyal Jain
  • Komal Kaur
  • Chanchal Kumari
  • Ridhi Kapoor
  • Rajwant Kaur
  • Nidhi Chaudhary
  • Guneet Kaur
  • Priya Suneja
  • Aradhya Tyagi
  • Jasleen Kaur
  • Parul Gaur
  • Tavleen Kaur
  • Suraiya
  • Jeevanjyot Kaur
  • Gursimar Kaur
  • Swati
  • Palak Mangtani
  • Saloni Goel

(September, 2021-November, 2021)

Topics Discussed

  • Scope in Language Courses
  • Benefits of Internships
  • UPSC and what is being asked in Govt. exams & interviews
  • Importance of LinkedIn in career growth
  • CA as a profession
  • Short term courses
  • Startup ideas
  • Interview related questions
  • Career options in commerce field
  • Free certification courses
  • Trading in the stock market
  • Fundamentals of Digital Marketing
  • Importance of family

List of Mentors

  • Saloni Goel
  • Ishmeet Kaur
  • Jaspreet Kaur
  • Sanjana Diwan
  • Gagandeep Kaur
  • Shreya Kumari
  • Anu
  • Priya Suneja
  • Swati
  • Sanjana Gupta
  • Mahima Agarwal
  • Divyanshi sharma
  • Archana Rathore
  • Shobia Naushad
  • Amrita Mukherjee
  • Khushi Sinha
  • Jeevanjyot Kaur
  • Jyoti Chaudhary
  • Trisha Singh
  • Gursimar Kaur
  • Aradhya Tyagi
  • Niharika Singh
  • Tavleen Kaur
  • Neetu Tiwari
  • Chaya Thakur
  • Kanwaljeet Kaur
  • Sanya Sharma
  • Dipti
  • Ritika Tuli
  • Shruti Agarwal
  • Radhika Mittal
  • Divya Pherwani
  • Shivangi Rana
  • Sanjana Pandey
  • The Peer Mentoring Program has been a successful endeavour by the department as it has made the student as mentors more confident and improved their communication skills. It has not only inculcated learning, helping, and sharing habits among mentors but have also groomed them towards becoming more responsible citizens of the society. This program has also provided a platform for juniors to connect with their seniors, especially for first year students in this pandemic period. First year students have got a golden chance to know their seniors and they have gained all required information regarding college virtually through them. Second year students have got a chance to become mentees and then mentors to their juniors. The first-hand experience of being a mentee led them to become a more confident mentor. Academic queries related to subjects like EVS, Income tax, Company Law, HRM, E-commerce, Financial accounting etc. were discussed in the sessions. The interactive sessions turned out to be very fruitful for both mentors and mentees. A healthy and friendly relationship has been developed among the seniors and juniors due to this mentorship program.

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