Mata Sundri College for Women stands out in its distinctive endeavour for blending traditional values with modernity. The pedagogy used is contemporary, thereby keeping students in line with the changing scenario in the educational arena at the same time amalgamating this with traditional value systems.

The College is named after Mata Sundri Ji, the consort of the Tenth Guru, Guru Gobind Singh Ji who was the first leader of the Khalsa. The institution was established with an aim to propagate the great mother’s cherished ideals of service, leadership and social responsibility among young women with the motto, ‘Truth is the highest of all virtues but true living is higher still’. The College cherishes the values of respect, tolerance and cooperation.

The point of view of every individual is given attention and students are oriented to issues of national and global relevance. Besides academic excellence, students are encouraged to strive for an appreciation of arts and aesthetics, intellectual excellence and creativity. An environment of holistic learning exists with an objective to make students good citizens with high moral values and an attempt is made to inculcate empathy for less privileged sections of society.

Non Collegiate Women’s Education Board (NCWEB)is a distinctive endeavour of the College to support the cause of underprivileged women’s education making it more accessible to all segments of society. We offer B.A. and B.Com. Program courses to disadvantaged students at a nominal fee. Classes are held on Sundays and during academic breaks and students are free to pursue skill development courses and regular jobs during the weekdays. NCWEB organizes multifarious activities like, Special Lectures, Sports Day and Annual Day as well as career counselling sessions for all around personality development. Cultural programmes and competitions are organized as well, enabling the students to participate in extracurricular activities so as not to miss out on a regular college life.

The Divinity Society of the College is integral to dissemination of values, which form the foundation of the institution and is an endeavour to instill spiritual values among students. To emphasize upon the virtues of egalitarianism and harmony, langar is distributed during occasions like Bani Kirtan competition and Mata Sundri Smriti Diwas held at the College. As per tradition, the Arambh Shri Sehaj Path is organized on the Orientation Day to bless the students at the beginning of the academic session and at the end, a similar program is held in the Gurdwara for the outgoing students. Students, faculty and staff members hold kirtan in the College Gurdwara every Thursday and all members are encouraged to participate. The Bani and Kirtan competition, is a unique endeavour of the College to generate awareness about spiritual teachings of the apostles of the faith. There exists a tradition of participating in Nagar Kirtans which is a practice of involving students in a community event. In addition, the College organizes an annual Divinity trip to highlight the historical contribution made by various figures to promote the creation of an egalitarian society.