Student Zone

Women Development Cell

With the objective of promoting personal and professional development of women our college has created a Women Development Cell to assist the female students in their efforts to bring about overall improvement in their socio economic condition.

The Women's Development Cell comprises of passionate young minds on a quest for empowering women, by providing spaces for a liberating outlet on dialogues and issues of critical social relevance like domestic violence, oppressive societal norms, patriarchy, sexual harassment and the like. Emphasis is laid on initiating conversations and discussions serving to empower women and to help in the process of self- exploration and discovery. Movie screenings, invited lectures and talks are all tools employed in an effort towards reversal of age old stereotypical gendered scripts and stereotypes.

Dr. Iqbal Kaur (Convenor)
Dr. Gurjit Kaur (Co-Convener)
Dr. Harinder M. Sandhu (Co-Convener)