National & International Webinars Programme


Rethinkng Marketing for the New Normal Invictus Society, Department of Commerce & Kasak , BAP 18/09/21 Ms. Kamna Virmani
Gandhi and India's Peasants-An Intimate Relationship Gaatha, The History Society 25/09/21 Dr. Simmi K. Mehta
Water Conservation and Sustainability Earthcon Society, Department of Environmental Studies 30/03/2021 Dr. Uzma Nadeem
Travel and Tourism Industry - The New Normal Department of Tour and Travel Management in collaboration with IQAC 13/03/2021 Dr. Kamlesh Kaur
Webinar on the occasion of International Women's Day " Healthy Lifestyle for Everyone" Parivartan The NSS Society 8/3/2021 Dr. Mamta Chawla
Webinar on the occasion of International Women's Day "Celebrating Womanhood" Library Progression Committee 8/3/2021 Ms. Sonia Aneja
Celebration of Basant through Musical Composition Department of Music & IQAC 4/3/2021 Dr. Gursharan Kaur
Career Opportunities in the field of Music Department of Music 3/3/2021 Dr. Gursharan Kaur
Legal Challenges in Digital Age With Special Reference to Specially Abled People in India Enabling Unit, IQAC and Student Council with Team 22/02/2021 Student Council
International Webinar on Histories and Heritage : Journey through Archives, Museums and Arts Department of History 27/11/2020-28/11/2020 Dr. Daljit Kaur
Heritage Conservation Department of History 31/10/2020 Dr. Daljit Kaur
Webinar on "Bhaktikal ke Alp khyat Sant Aur Samajik Samrasta" Hindi Sahitya Parishad 24/10/2020 Dr. Indu Kumari
International Webinar on "Mental Health, Challenges and Opportunities" Department of Psychology 22/10/2020 Dr. Pooja Jaggi
Rashtriya Shiksha Niti ke Vividh Paksha NSS 5/10/2020 Dr. Mamta Chawla
From Fit to Fitter, Overcoming Women Health Challenges National Service Scheme 12/9/2020 Dr. Mamta Chawla
Indian Classical Literature: Research and Pedagogic Dimensions Department of English 17/07/2020 Ms. Praveshika Mishra
International Webinar on Yoga: Philosophical Reflections Department of Philosophy  7/7/2020 Dr. Hemlata Krishnani 
Technology-Enabled Higher Education in India: Challenges and Opportunities Departments of Mathematics, Statistics and Computer Science 15/06/2020 Ms. Sonia Aneja
Stress Management for Work Life Balance Department of Commerce 14/06/2020 Ms Jasmeet Kaur
Experiences of Engaging with Diverse Communities Challenges and Key Learnings IQAC 8/6/2020 Dr. Garima Kumar 
Journey and Prospects of Hindustani Music from Local to Global Department of Music 29/05/2020 Dr. Gursharan Kaur
Corona Crisis : Challenges and Opportunities in Teaching and Learning Department of Punjabi 26/05/2020 Dr. Iqbal Kaur
Covid-19: Lockdown and Post Lockdown Concerns B.A. Programme Society 21/05/2020-27/05/2020 Dr. Lokesh Kumar Gupta
Live Lecture on Financial Investment @ 2022 Invicus  23-Oct-21 Ms. Ishleen Kaur Rekhi
Gandhi and India’s Peasants: An Intimate
Gatha The History Society 25-Sep-21 Dr. Simmi K. Mehta
Rethinking Marketing for the New Normal Invictus & Kasak 18-Sep-21 Ms. Kamna Virmani
Intellectual Property Rights in Traditional Knowledge and Biodiversity IQAC 9/5/2020 Dr. Laxmi Vatsa and Dr. Hemlata Krishnani
Cyber Crimes & Prevention During Lockdown IQAC in collaboration with Department of Commerce 6/5/2020 Dr. Harleen Kaur
Success Through Team Work NCC 4/5/2020 Ms. Gurvinder Kaur
International Counseling Session on "How to Maintain Academic Integrity in Distance Learning:Exploring Best Assessment Methods" 
Live Lecture on Financial Investment @ 2022 Invictus 23/10/2021 Dr. Harshmeeta Kaur Soni
IPR: A Primer by Mr.Ankit Sahni RESEARCH BOARD & IQAC 17-Apr-21 Dr. Harleen Kaur
Experiences of Engaging with Diverse Communities Challenges and Key Learnings IQAC 8-Jun-20 Dr. Manisha Mathur
International Yoga Day Department of Physical Education & Sports Sciences 21-Jun-21 Ms. Charanjeet Kaur
A National Webinar on Covid 19 Lockdown and Post Lockdown Concerns: Cinema and Theatre  Speakers: Ajay Brahmatmaj Senior Cine-Critique Arvind Gaur Director Asmita Theatre IQAC 21-May-20 Dr. Manisha Mathur