Faculty Development Programme

19-25th Feb 2021

“Emergent Aesthetics of Translation-Theory and Praxis”

The seven day online Faculty Development Programme on “Emergent Aesthetics of Translation-Theory and Praxis” from 19th-25thFebruary 2021 was organized by the Department of English, Mata Sundri College for Women, University of Delhi, in association with Hansraj College.

Convener: Ms. Praveshika Mishra

7-13th Jan 2021

Exploratory Data Analysis using Statistical Software R and SPSS

The seven day Faculty Development Programme on Exploratory Data Analysis using Statistical Software R and SPSS was organized by Department of Statistics and Internal Quality Assurance Cell of Mata Sundri College for Women in collaboration with Mahatma Hansraj Faculty Development Centre,Hansraj College(initiative of MHRD,Govt of India under Pandit Madan Mohan Malviya National Missionon Teachers and Teaching scheme)from 7th January 2021 to 13th January 2021.The programme was attended by 150 participants from across the country and also abroad. The intellectually stimulating programme was enriching and proved to be helpful in improving analytical skills of the faculty and research scholars who attended the session.

15-21st Oct 2020

Teacher, Teaching And Teacher Education: Processes, Concerns And Prospects

The Faculty Development Programme (FDP) seeks to provide opportunity to the participants to understand, reflect, analyse and evaluate the vision, objectives and various components of Teacher Education through multiple sessions over the span of seven days. The FDP aims to establish and evolve a dialogue among professionals, practitioners, academicians and policy makers to develop a comprehensive understanding of the same. It also aims to synthesise an interdisciplinary understanding that emerges through weaving different strands of Teacher Education, whether related to the discipline of Education or the Liberal Subjects.

Patron: Prof. J.D. Ahi (V.C., DHSGV, SAGAR)
Prof. Harpreet Kaur (Principal, MSCW, DU)

15-30th Sep 2020

Faculty Development Programme

ICT Based New Paradigms of E-Teachig and E-Learning : Digital Pedagogy

The Department of Computer Science, Mata Sundri College for Women, University of Delhi has organised this online two weeks’ online faculty development programme for the teachers of higher education in association with Teaching Learning Centre at Ramanujan College, University of Delhi. The main objective of this faculty development programme is to assist faculty members across the country to use ICT, develop and manage online classes for their students. Online classes have become the norm in today's times and present all teachers with the splendid opportunity to engage our students in the setting of a virtual classroom. Online classes can to some extent replicate our physical classrooms and provide an enriching teaching and learning experience. This programme is designed to provide the participants with the necessary skills to develop and manage a fully fledged online class. The participants were given hands-on sessions on various software and online tools, open source. They were trained in creation of digital material including videos, mind-maps and presentations.

Convenor : Dr. Nidhi

5-11th Sep 2020

Faculty Development Programme

National Education Policy and Indian Languages

The FDP organised by Mata Sundri College and Dr. Hari Singh Gaur Vishwavidyalaya attempted to outline many practical suggestions in the NEP document that was announced very recently. One of the suggestions that is truly the demand of time is to emphasise on combining the technical know-how in teaching and reading and translations to be done from the local languages to other languages and vice versa. Secondly, digital divide should be bridged and languages should be promoted through the use of technological advances. Thirdly, with the promotion of local languages, indigenous knowledge even at the grassroots would be documented and disseminated and many local solutions to burning problems of today like, health, environment, community building etc. should be found within this rich heritage. Fourthly, the proficiency in Indian languages should be made an integral part of employment.

Patron: Prof. J.D. Ahi (V.C., DHSGV, SAGAR)
Prof. Harpreet Kaur (Principal, MSCW, DU)

7-12th Oct 2019

Faculty Development Programme

Emerging Trends in Research Methodology

A week-long interdisciplinary FDP on Emerging Trends in Research Methodology was organized by IQAC in collaboration with Mahatma Hansraj Faculty Development Centre from 7th-12th October 2019. 75 teachers from all over the country participated in the programme. The aim behind the FDP was to highlight how methodologies and paradigms have changed considerably in the last few years across all disciplines. The purpose of the FDP was to show the inter-sectionalities of seemingly diverse academic fields of knowledge as well as varied research methods and techniques. Both the Qualitative and Quantitative aspects of research were the focus of attention at the FDP.

Convener: Dr. Lokesh Kumar Gupta

16-17th Nov 2018

Faculty Development Programme

Structural Equation Modeling

Two day Faculty Development Programme on "Structural Equation Modeling" was conducted on November 16 – 17, 2018. The Resource Person was Dr. H K Dangi, Associate professor, Department of Commerce, Delhi School of Economics, University of Delhi. There were in total 48 participants from various institutes across India.

Convener: Ms. Parvinder Kaur