Department of Elementary Education


Students of the Department of Elementary Education undertake research projects as part of the compulsory component of IV Year practicum. These projects intend to introduce the students to the nuances of research and develop the process of scientific thinking, reflective enquiry, making focused observation, documentation, data collection, critical analysis, interpretation and implications through classroom-based research. Students are encouraged to base the research in the school settings, and it takes place simultaneously with their internship practicum. The observations and experiences during internship lay the foundation for reflecting on the research areas and they are encouraged to look for issues related to their pedagogic studies or the foundation or specialized courses. In addition to these research projects, the department attempts to introduce and engage students of other years to the nuance of research.

For this academic session, the department is in the process of undertaking the following project titled:

  • Study on College Students’ Experiences of Teaching-Learning through Online Mode

The overnight change in the mode of learning from face-to-face to online teaching has led to many challenges as well as alternatives to the learning process. So, the department thought of studying this aspect of change and adaptations at the college level. This would help identify the gaps and opportunities in online teaching-learning.

This project is facilitated under the guidance of three faculty members – Dr. Aarti Mathur, Dr. Manisha Subba and Ms. Ruchi Garg. The participation was kept open to the students and the following III Year students showed interest and are involved in this project – Ms. Ishika Garg, Ms. Ankita, Ms. Sejal Singh, Ms. Taranjot Kaur Bhatia, Ms. Mayurika Chaudhary, Ms. Srishti Kamra.